IDL Financial Systems LLC
IDL Financial Systems LLC

Who: Our Founder

Christy Johnson

I make it my business to relieve you from your financial mess and stress with solutions that develop your financial preparedness.


As a Professional Bookkeeping & Tax Consultant for more than 20 years, I've served individuals and families, and worked with businesses from retail to service to non-profit.


I've created and taught systems for getting their financial skills and records in order, which provided relief to the financial recordkeepers and enabled them to communicate the right information at the right time.


I believe that your finances are as important as your lifestyle and your craft, and we can build your financial system to facilitate your success at both. Sign up today and we'll make you breathe a sigh of relief!

What: Our Business

Providing Relief from Messy Financial Skills & Records so You Can Track, Stack, and Pack Your Money

Why: Our Mission

Transforming Your Financial Skills & Records from Chaotic to Impeccable

We strive to convert your messy skills & records into a reliable financial system designed for seamless management, so you can:

  • TRACK your money for the accountant
  • STACK your money for the banker
  • PACK your money for those goals


From financial consulting to bookkeeping to tax preparation, IDL Financial Systems LLC is here to ensure that you get relief so you can experience the lifestyle of your dreams!


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