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We keep your books from keeping you

We help perform the tasks necessary to keep your financial records accurate, which means you can run your business or household with clarity and confidence.


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Accept a quote by August 31, 2022 and receive a 10% discount.


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What We Do for You

Here is a sample list of bookkeeping tasks that may be included in your customized quote.


Set up bookkeeping system for new business or household


Analyze bookkeeping system for existing business or household


Budget Setup and Monitoring


Data Entry from Source Documents


Bank & Credit Card Statement Reconciliation






Payroll Integration


Accounts Receivable


Accounts Payable


Assets & Liabilities


Sales & Profitability


General Ledger




Income | CAT Tax


Sales Tax

How We Serve You

for your New Business or Household

The startup phase is the ideal time to implement a reliable bookkeeping system, and we will work with you and your accountant to determine the type of bookkeeping system that best fits your needs and plans. We utilize the following process to ensure that your bookkeeping is done correctly right from the start, so you can focus on growing your operations.

  1. Bookkeeping Consultation
  2. Determine Schedule for Ongoing Service
  3. Establish Bookkeeping System
  4. Provide Ongoing Bookkeeping Service

for your Existing Business or Household

Your business or household is thriving, but you may have reached the point where the bookkeeping functions are too demanding on your time or too costly to maintain in-house. We can take charge of the bookkeeping duties, and we utilize the following process to ensure timeliness and accuracy.

  1. Bookkeeping Consultation
  2. Clean and Update Existing Books
  3. Submit Data to Accountant for Review
  4. Determine Schedule for Ongoing Service
  5. Confirm or Modify Bookkeeping System
  6. Provide Ongoing Bookkeeping Service

Your Software is Supported

Besides being QuickBooks® and Quicken® gurus, we support software you choose for accounting, document imaging and storage, e-commerce and more!


QuickBooks® and Quicken® are registered trademarks of their respective owners.

Our Workflow Cycle

We take your source documents and channel them through the standard accounting cycle to the preparation of your financial statements.


Click below to view a source document guide that will help you prepare for your bookkeeping services.

Discounts We Offer You

Senior Discount

You are an Active Client who is age 55 or older. You get 10% off any individual monthly service of $150 or more.

Anniversary Discount

For each year that you maintain your Active Client status, you get a 50% discount during your anniversary month.

Referral Discount

You are an Active Client and you refer an individual, family, or business that becomes a ¢lean $imple Bookkeeping client. You get a $50 credit toward your ¢lean $imple Bookkeeping services.

Request a Quote Today!

We offer fixed pricing instead of hourly rates, and we'll work with you to provide a customized service package that fits the needs and budget of your business or household.

Want Help Doing Your Own Bookkeeping?

We're here for you! Get the bookkeeping help you need with our IDeaL Consulting service

Schedule a do-it-yourself bookkeeping tutorial when you need answers to specific questions about your bookkeeping system, or when you need a bookkeeping software tutorial so you can get back to managing your business or household finances.


Schedule anytime and pay as you go. Prepay when you schedule your appointment and get 10% off!

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