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Money Skills Toolkit Store

Pick up your travel gear right here so you can cruise to your financial bliss in style!

Custom Apparel & Accessories

for an Independent and Disciplined Lifestyle

Shop here for t-shirts, hats, hoodies & more!

Money Skills Toolkit Store

We're open 24/7 so you can get the products you need to take on your trip to your financial bliss!

The Money Skills Toolkit Store is an extension of our financial management resource portal, the Money Skills Toolkit.


  • You'll find products that back up your quest for savvy money skills by providing tangible affirmations for practicing good money habits.


  • You'll strengthen your commitment to making your financial independence picture a reality, simply by using our products in your everyday activities, like wearing a T-shirt to school, or carrying a bag to work, or using your mobile device, or having your morning coffee.


  • Plus, you'll be sharing your money skills awareness for the betterment of your family and community, and you'll inspire others to start their quest for financial literacy and liberation!

Shop Now and get your tangible money affirmations to wear, use and share!


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